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Do You Need to Customize a WordPress Plugin? Or, Have a Custom Plugin Built?

Let our community of professional Freelancers, who specialize in WordPress Plugin Development, provide you with the perfect solution to fit your website needs.

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Design Your Plugin!

Design it

Design a Custom WordPress Plugin (optional)

Using the Plugin Designer, you can design your own custom WordPress plugin. Here’s how . . .

Submit an Idea
Submit your Plugin Idea for Free! This invites our Freelancers, The Plugin Lab Team, and our Members to vote on your idea, contribute their suggestions, add comments, etc.

Vote on Ideas
If you like an idea, you can put in your vote for it. Ideas are voted on by the community and the most popular ideas are brought to the attention of The Plugin Lab Team and our Freelance Developers.

Give Suggestions
You can add your own ideas or thoughts about how an idea can be carried out by contributing suggestions.

Add a Comment
You can leave a comment about how much you like an idea, to post follow-up questions, to give additional insights, or just to give the contributor encouragement.

Track an Idea’s Progress
You can track an idea easily, by following its current Status and the Stage of development that it’s in. An idea’s current status and stage of development are prominently displayed for each idea.

When your Plugin Idea is full-featured, and customized to your content, you can select one of our Freelancers to build it for you. Or, if your Plugin Idea gets enough attention, one of our Freelancers may offer to develop it for you.

Find the Right Freelancer for your Project

We have expert Freelancers that offer every type of Plugin Development you can think of. Compare Freelancers’ services, hourly rates, skills, profiles, portfolios, community recommendations and more, to select one that suits your needs. The best way to shop for Freelancers is to . . .

  • Search Freelancers by Specialty
  • Review Freelancer Profiles
  • Check Out Freelancers’ Portfolios
  • Evaluate Ratings & Reviews
  • Shop Freelancer Services
  • Contact Freelancers with Any Questions You May Have

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Choose a Freelancer Service & Get Your Project Done Fast!

It’s easy to get work done on The Plugin Lab. Just choose the Freelancer Service that best matches the the details of your project and your chosen Freelancer will get it done. Your project can be as big or small as you like, it can be fixed price or hourly, and you can specify the schedule, cost range, and milestones. This is how it works . . .

  • Send out Quote Requests to your favorite Freelancers
  • Compare Freelancer Proposals and select the best one
  • Award your project to a Freelancer and let your Freelancer go to work
  • Safely pay for your project with our Escrow System
  • Access your Project WorkShop to track progress, complete tasks, monitor hours, and communicate with your Freelancer
  • Accept delivery of the final product at project completion
  • Release payment to your Freelancer upon your approval (we do this for you)
  • Give your Freelancer an awesome Rating & Review

$ Fees and Charges $

The Plugin Lab is free for both Clients and Freelancers to join. There is a transaction fee, however, that is applied to all sales transactions on the Marketplace. We charge a 10% transaction fee to Clients (Buyer Transaction Fee) and another 10% transaction fee to Freelancers (Seller Transaction Fee) for using The Plugin Lab platform and services. The total amount (20% of the original service price) is deducted from the total service price after the project has been completed. Aside from the price of the services, and service add-ons, there are no other fees or charges.